Feb 15, 2020 - Explore Jgorr's board "Cucumber gimlet" on Pinterest. July 23, ... My go-to at fancy dinners is just a gin and tonic, but I LOVE the gin fizz (sometimes called/similar to the gimlet). The gimlet is one of those drinks that we turn to when we are in the mood for something tart. Add the gin and about 2 ounces of syrup and shake well. Fill a drink shaker, or a quart size mason jar, with ice and add the basil leaves. Blackberry: Add 3 fresh blackberries with the basil, lime juice, and simple syrup when muddling. I thought about combining all of these elements into one drink: honey, cucumber, lime and gin… This drink is a variation of the original Gimlet cocktail, and the taste is excellent, and you will feel the enjoyment. French Gimlet: Omit the simple syrup and replace with elderflower liqueur, such as St. Germain. CUCUMBER BASIL GIMLET makes 2 drinks 4 oz floral gin; 1 oz fresh strained lime juice; 18 basil leaves; 1 cup cucumber, chopped; 1 oz simple syrup; Glass: coupe. Cucumber Gimlet Ingredients: 1 ½ oz. The best part about it, besides it's utter simplicity, is that it's so easy to modify it. There is still time to enjoy one! This gin gimlet recipe uses simple syrup to sweeten it, instead of Rose’s lime juice. Add cucumber slices and basil leaves to a shaker with lime juice and simple syrup. Check out this Blueberry Cucumber Gimlet. Shake until well chilled. Cucumber Basil Gin Fizz. Pour into two glasses and top … lime juice 1/2 oz. In this gimlet, it pairs nicely with the botanical essence of gin .A basil gimlet is a drink made of lime juice, gin and basil simple syrup.Truly the perfect summer drink! This Cucumber Gimlet cocktail is a healthy drink because of the addition of rosemary leaf, basil leaf and gin. Instead, opt for a lighter, more floral gin that allows the delicate notes in the cucumber … 17 sept. 2014 - Get the recipe for Cucumber and Basil Gimlet. Strain into a glass over fresh ice and garnish with a sprig of basil. A gimlet at it's most basic is simply two parts gin to one part lime juice (traditionally Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice.). Simple syrup 4 to 5 Slices of cucumber Preparation: 1) Fill glass with ice 2) Add cucumber, fresh lime and simple syrup to a mixing tin 3) Muddle with three ice cubes until the cucumber is dissolved Add the gin and ice and shake to combine. Double-strain into a coupe glass. Cucumber Basil Lime Gimlet - This is a great introductory basil cocktail, which have grown in popularity over the years (especially when paired with gin). The syrup used for this is different from the original Gimlet cocktail. It is an adaptation of a classic gin gimlet which is composed of gin, lime juice and simple syrup. Basil Ginger Gin Gimlet Recipe. 2 oz. Tools: blender, knife, hawthorn strainer, tea strainer, cocktail pick. Of course cucumbers … Cucumber Basil Gimlet. Blend low to incorporate + than blend on high. Gin’s got a nice, light, floral, citrusy flavor that fits well with the hot months. Gin is my summertime drink (unless I’m feeling really hard core, in which case I reach for a good bourbon). BTW…I apologize for the redundancy of “cool cucumber” in the title. The Basil-Cucumber Gimlet is essentially our Basil Gimlet with the addition of a nice, refreshing, cooling cucumber element. Add 4-5 slices of cucumber and a large basil leaf to a cocktail shaker. It’s no wonder restaurants call these gin and lime numbers by other names, though. My gin of choice for the Cool Cucumber + Basil Gimlet is Hendrick’s because it has notes of cucumber and botanicals, perfect complements for this cocktail. Freshly squeezed lime juice 1 oz. The navy strength gin isn’t necessary for a good gimlet, but it will definitely give it a stronger gin flavor. Bombay Sapphire Gin 1 oz. “Gimlet” sounds like “piglet” and, as such, doesn’t sound nearly sexy enough to describe this drink. additions / modifications for a basil vodka gimlet. We start by muddling the cucumber to express the juice. Add gin and ice. See more ideas about Fun drinks, Alcohol drink recipes, Cocktails. simple syrup 5 slices cucumber 5 basil leaves. Add first 3 ingredients into a Vitamix* or other blender. M0re Cucumber Drinks to Try: Best Cucumber Margarita Ever; Nonalcoholic Cucumber Basil Soda (that you could totally add vodka too…just saying) Cucumber Basil Vodka Cocktail (this is a gimlet before I knew to call it a gimlet) Cucumber Cooler with Gin from Minimalist Baker; Printable Cucumber Gimlet … The Basil-Cucumber Gimlet is essentially our Basil Gimlet with the addition of a nice, refreshing, cooling cucumber element. Full of fresh squeezed lime and gin, the gimlet is a classic in its base state, but simply adding fresh fruit, infusions or herbs can take the basic gimlet and make it really shine. Traditionally, gin gimlets are made with Navy Strength gin, which is 57% alcohol by volume instead of 40. Muddle until leaves are bruised and cucumber is broken up. gin 1/2 oz. Most any gin will do as long as it is not harsh. Ingredients ml oz cl This refreshing summer cocktail was another way to use my beautiful basil and special homegrown cucumbers from a friend. Yield: One cocktail… The key in that drink is the lime, it truly unlocks the flavors. In this case, my basil is flourishing and I was in the mood for a basil cocktail. Gin Sour: Substituted lemon juice for the the lime. Cucumber: Muddle a few slices of cucumber in the bottom of the cocktail shaker with the basil. Gimlets are composed of gin, lime juice and a touch of sweetener. Basil is one our favorites! Gin’s got a nice, light, floral, citrusy flavor that fits well with the hot months. Cucumber cocktails are the epitome of refreshing: light, summery and hydrating. 2oz gin.75oz lime juice.75oz simple syrup; 5-6 basil leaves; 2 slices cucumber; Gently muddle together the cucumber, basil, lime juice, and simple syrup (don’t over-pulverize the basil or it’ll add unpleasant bitterness!). When building your Cucumber Gimlet, it is best to avoid sweeter gins or juniper heavy gins. :) This recipe was adapted from liquor.com. This is a great summertime sipper and is perfect for a relaxing luncheon or to enjoy solo on the patio with your feet up. Basil has a peppery flavor could not be more perfect in cocktail recipes.
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