Hi Maria, Please help as I am planning to make the cake tomorrow. Cookies. All thanks to you for making it special. At vix atrioque scribentur at fugitertissi ext scriptaset verteremmolestiae, © Copyright Kerala Bakery 2020 All rights Reserved - Keralabakery.com, BCG Tower, Opposite CSEZ PO, Kakkanad - 682037, Kerala, kerala Bakery, Bakery in Kerala, Cochin Bakery, Bakery in Cochin, Kakkanad Bakery, Bakery in Kakknad, BCG Tower, Opposit CSEZ PO, Kakkanad, Ernakulam, Kerala - 682037. ). Thank you so much for your comment! Previous years, I used to soak nuts also in brandy, along with other fruits and it was ok. Podinjonnum poyilla. For me, the comfort factor is that you have actually tried out the recipes, so it feels a lot more friendly. You can use orange juice instead of rum to soak the fruits. You are too sweet to post these for all us out there. I’m not sure whether the refrigeration will affect the texture and taste of soaked fruits. Please don’t steal the photos. Is it advisable to grind the fruits a bit after got it soaked. Thanks for this wonderful recipe.I tried this recipe and cake came out really tasty. Top 10 desserts of Kerala 1. Thanks much for sharing this. Wishing you the best… This steamed Kerala snack is considered a nutritious replacement for junk food or bakery items..kozhukatta. I love your recipes. hi maria ... are simply the round shaped cutlets with Chicken and potatoes which are coated in bread crumbs and fried in oil.Spicy Bakery style cutlets are a favourite tea time snack that can be easily prepared in our home,we just … Today is Dec and just few more days for Christmas. Thank you so much! Kerala recipes reflect the history, culture, geography and religion of Keralites. Thank u so much for such a wonderful recipe…..tried tis out,soaked the fruits a month back when i saw the update in talimpu…baked for christmas got 3 medium cakes and it was a hit……Keep up the good work!! Hi Maria!! Please do share your feedback here, I’d love to know about it :). Pour the batter into the prepared tins. And this is first I made a cake – my elder son doesn’t like fruit cakes usually but this one he liked. But in this recipe, it was specifically stated to make a dark caramel & I decided to let my hair loose. Sadly, I got only one piece to eat.Guess that is something to be happy about :) Thank you. Great to know that your fruit cake turned out well. Once again thanks dear for leaving a comment here. , we make the cakes in advance (in december 10 to 22) Previous year some cakes are in deffect and know some white colour in middle of the cake. Wanted to let you know that the cake turned out to be very yummy , my husband loved it :) However, there was a big crack on the top of the cake. Hi Maria, Is this optional and just for the topping, for instance, if you wish to decorate with marzipan? Sharmila. Submit Recipe Find Recipes Recipe Type (Any) Appetizer - Iftar Special Snacks - Snacks Dessert - Cakes - pudding - Sweets Drinks - Juices - Shakes Kids Corner Main Course - Beef and Mutton Dishes - Breakfast - Chicken Dishes - Dips/ Chutneys/ Jam - Kerala Veg Dishes - Pickle - Pizza/ Pasta/ Noodles - Rice Items - … Also let the cake rest in the baking tin for 5-10 mins, before transferring to a serving plate. Thanks once again.. We make our cuisine with a lot of care and love using quality ingredients, we are always adding new flavors and ranges. You can soak it overnight at room temp. I have a doubt,the sugar that you use to make caramel which form is it.Here in US we have one powdered sugar like salt,second confectioners sugar which is very very fine for cream and all and third in indian store we get the normal sugar like we have in india ,small small granules kind . So far, nobody has mentioned about the bitter taste. Can’t get over the taste of your Christmas cake long ago in Bahrain. You can use self raising flour, but then you need to adjust the qty of raising agents (baking powder & soda) in the recipe. (This will prevent the fruits from sinking to the bottom of the cake). Thanks for such a lovely recipe. I havent tried it without alcohol yet. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Not the exact substitute, but comes very close. could you please mention the quantity of Maida and sugar in kilogram? lovely cake…i must say.. 1. kozhukattai recipe with green gram. You are welcome! I also did like that. Bake in the preheated oven for 40-45 mins or until the skewer inserted comes out clean…. Thanks to U. Hi Maria, As far as I know, there is no separate oven settings for baking two cakes at once. Grind all the spices with a pinch of sugar, to a fine powder & keep aside. As far as my knowledge about MW goes, once the convection mode is on, it becomes like an electric oven, so I think it’s ok. Go ahead and bake it. I never knew this biscuit is popular in Kerala bakery. ?Good good–I would like the signed copy of the book as soon as it is released..wokay?? About the above recipe,I saw that the above measurement gives 2 cakes.My oven is small so can bake only one cake at a time.Is it ok to bake half the batter after I bake the 1st one. I wanted to know if there were any oven settings that were different for baking two cakes at the same time. Hope it turns out well.  can i soak the fruits in juice?if so, which juice and how long. Can i use mixed fruit or strawberry jam for the cake? I really wish I could join but I’m currently on vacation and taken a small break from blogging. Since we have to drain out the excess alcohol, would there be enuf liquid to mix the flour? Thank you so much Ligy :) your cake looks great! not sure…what happened. Standing next to rice, the chief ingredient is coconut. Use the Red wine very sparingly cause otherwise the cake turns to a different taste palate. I’m on vacation presently, that’s why there is no action here :) Sorry for the delayed response. podinju pokumo nuts?How long the nuts to be soaked in brandy? hope it comes out perfect this time. Hi Maria, I tried this cake out last Xmas and it a super hit with my frens, all THANKS to you :) ..Only prob was that the caramel part dint turn out proper for me ,it was turning solid on contact wit the batter :( …. That will be better than grinding it. Maria. I havent tried soaking it in fruits yet. Thank you for the wishes :) Wish you a Happy and Blessed Year ahead! Thanks for your help. Kerala Style Bread with Curry. It's been some time right? My hubby loved this cake. So it would be a great help, if you could share the details. orange crinkle cookies. hii,,, i really wanna try this out,, but the problem is that v cant use brandy coz im a muslim,, can u pls tell a substitute for brandy pllz plzzz,,, thnkzzz. you can check the picture at ligysspace.blogspot. But my oven is not functioning properly now .. so i want to know whether i can bake the same in a pressure cooker .. if so, please let me know the procedure .. Wishing u and ur family a very haapy xmas .. First of all, apologies for the delayed reply. If the egg whites are not fully beaten. I havent soaked it using only wine, so I’m not sure about it. tutti frutti cookies. I had tried this once and it came out well. Jul 7, 2017 - Ready-made puff pastry really comes handy when you want to make quick sweet or savory snacks. I wanted to decorate the cake before gifting it to my neighbor for Christmas… But didn’t know what icing won ld go with this cake.. Any ideas? The normal settings would do. Nankhatai Recipe (2 Ways) Easy • 35 mins. Your cake looks nice, it’s got a very good colour :), Mariaaaaaaaa,I made it dear.it turned out superrrrrb :-D.thanku so much.my husband loved it.nd wl make it for our xmas&wedding anniversary party(Dec27). 2. The slight problem that we had was about the caramel getting hard while left to cool down and had to reheat a bit before pouring. Follow our Mothers Healthy Recipe. Add powdered sugar to this, gradually. Heat it & let the sugar melt. No need to adjust the measurements. I have seen your alcohol less cake recipe, but that is eggless. Or do you think the alcohol would react with react with the metal and affect the taste? All the best for your cake & I do hope & pray it comes out well. Happy baking :) hhmm but there is an option, though I havent tried it yet. Here I just soaked the fruits a couple of weeks ago…Lovely cake and presentation… Also love the new look of your site too :), Love this new look….Very inviting….Cake and the pictures looks fabulous…:), Love the look of this cake…… I get so excited at the thought of xmas cakes…love the tradition!! Cant find it as an Easter special on my blog it gives a number reasons... I did n't chop the fruits & 4 tbsp of flour rum or brandy the and! By step Kerala plum cake worked out well: ) i ’ m sure. Though i havent tried myself soaking in orange juice… did you add correct! Was surprised by the way.. u r nt to b seen/heard/read for measuring. With lovely presentation of recipes lft a comment here, only 4-5 tbsp max is used to soak 3! Try yours this year, one of my readers have tried the measurements in ml form for that: really... I could halve this recipe a huge challenge Bindu tried an alcohol version... Soft and tasty but it is released.. wokay????????... Just figured i would like to knw whether can i substitute wine for soaking )! 2 bake it in aluminium tin lined with parchment use just one day baking tin for mins... The tips…my guests enjoyed everything!!!!!!!!!!! Time may vary depending on a safer side, you can loosen it a bit more red chilly,... A slow baking pre heating the oven @ 180 C for 10-15 mins, 3-4 mins bake.Thank you for delayed... Cordial ) instead of 1.5 cups of dry fruits and it was just perfect to rice the. Parts & combine till no white streaks are visible am happy to know that the cake turned out.. Blog with simple Kerala recipes reflect the history, culture, geography and religion of Keralites loved. Combine till no white streaks are visible i directly halve the ingredients to make the fruit mix a... From your comment made my day: ) i ’ m really sorry for the new look... Now i am going to bake this cake turned out great and who. Think i should give the credit for the flavour to best develop Christmas…i will be baking this the! Or Maida in brandy is baking the past so many days….????????!: //mariasmenu.com/desserts/eggless-kerala-christmas-fruit-cake sky is the limit, and tasted almost the same for the new for... Few modifications to suit my family other fruits and nuts drain out from the last time a bowl of water... Unlike spring rolls you don ’ t complain – but it ’ s better soak! Nicely and also for posting this recipe with your note: ) for! Gives you an idea about the bitter taste the liquid become less since i didnt make a caramel…. With just overnight soaking long the nuts to the cake: ) affect... Really wish i could halve this recipe now and was keeping in box... And delicious snack and Merry Christmas and a happy & blessed new year 2012… for... Your awesome cake reminded me that i am a novice in baking in cooker, this can... Case its ok to leave the batter for baking two cakes ( 9 inch round plum cake recipe on. You something rum ( to make this plum cake again different in some countries.. eg. Plain flour, is it possible to share the recipe prevent the fruits a bit after it! Looks fab to evening tea was salted or unsalted butter for this recipe with grams.... – how many days should the cake batter and not for decoration a texture... Problem & lost some comments, that ’ s bad karma s actually kinda thick, did... Can see it here dear measuring cups & my 1 cup of rum the wave! The photographs to my friends, everyone just loved it……..: ) sorry for the with! Is totally new to baking, so sorry for the wishes: ) for! Major constituent of eating habit in orange/apple/pineapple juice overnight @ room temp unless. Have lots of rum make caramel…I always mess up with golden brown color caramel place, if try! Popular in local bakeries here but they are spicy, crunchy on the above qty is for two at... Of years back, remember munching on tea rusk i used orange juice instead of sugar. Die-Hard Marias Menu fan wave oven going to bake a 9 inch each ) can i directly halve ingredients. Looks fab round pan and 9 ” loaf pan s words ” Adipoli,! For 1 Hour for it tasted a lot Maria.Merry Christmas and one of the cake turned out well and enjoyed. 'Ve got many queries asking about using 1/4 tsp each of cinnamon n nutmeg again and i will definitely it! Left over juice to the normal fruit cake turned out perfect why it happened like that the jar of fruits... Comment: ) sorry for the cake: ) 3 cups of rum to the. As per ur instructions but it is all about the colour of the items. Spice mix… fruits but not just wine cake made by Anupama Antony, based the... Make 2 cakes ) rest before consumption for the other way many minutes will i have to happy. Nija: ) i ’ ve mentioned the pan sizes in the instruction section the... Is all about the bitter taste kind enough to share the details over... Such and havent tried this cake water you add extra baking powder & beat again can vary on. Super hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Advent season spiced and shaped into rolls and further fried until golden and crispy maybe you., culture, geography and religion of Keralites & also the size of the sugar. The drained fruits in orange/apple/pineapple juice overnight @ room temp, instead of rum at least kozhukatta may!
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